Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Hop for Siren authors

   Siren Authors Holiday Hop & Giveaway


Happy Holidays! I hope you all are enjoying this season. This is the season for giving so what better time to have a blog hop? To celebrate the holiday season over 30 authors have come together for this holiday hop where you can learn about their books and get all kinds of goodies while visiting each blog.


The Grand Prizes:

US Readers                                                                       International Readers

$100 Amazon Giftcard to one reader                    $100 Amazon (INT) Giftcard to one reader

$50 Amazon Giftcard to one reader                       $50 Amazon (INT) Giftcard to one reader

On top of those fabulous gifts, every author will be drawing winners on their own sites for various swags, ebooks, and gifts.

                                                                  How to win

There is a secret code embedded in this Holiday Hop. Each author has one word of it, and readers must visit each site to collect all of the words and enter them on this form. 

            Click the link to the prize entry form to start your chance to win the grand prize.

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Visit the main Blog hop website to get the full list of siren authors and links to their hops.



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                                 Keep  scrolling  for the word you need to enter this fantastic hop.

                      I am Sara Anderson and I have an erotic science fiction series, Warriors of Dareen.

The first book introduces Kara Johnson and the Dareen Warrior, Joran.  He is hunting down the villains that attacked a colony his brother and family lived on. He is focused on revenge not love, but meeting Kara will change all of that.

Laura Chandler suffered a brutal attack by Shara soldiers on Earth. She was rescued by Dareen warriors, but the attack left her both mentally and physically traumatized. Will Varnis be able to break through her fears to claim her heart, or will a new threat tear them apart forever?

Megan Townsend was rescued from alien slavers by two hot twins, Tynan and Kelton. Once they have her in their grasp they realize they do not want to let her go. Megan has a dark past and secrets she has feared will tear her apart if she remembers them all.  Will they be able to overcome her fears and build a new life together?

 Kelsey Chandler thought that her sister was murdered. When she gets into trouble she discovers Laura was never dead, and  she has come to take her back to Dareen with her.
 She feels betrayed at first, but soon after she meet Norlan. His compassion and kind face draw her to him in a way she never felt before. She knows he is the man she wants to spend her life with, but her guardian, Varnis does not think he is a good match for her, and does everything he can to keep them apart. When they both travel to Earth together they have their chance to find their happily ever after, but an old threat emerges and threatens to destroy them forever.


For a chance to win a copy of a book of your choice head on over to my facebook page and follow and/or friend request. Make sure you leave a message that you are with the holiday hop.
                                           Sara Anderson facebook page
   At last, here is the code you need from my holiday hop post....

   The word you need from me is......EXPLORE and is word number 28.
                                                     Good luck!                

  I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christimas season. Thank you very much for your participation. Good luck at getting some wonderful prizes.