Sunday, December 7, 2014

  I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. My family and I have gotten all our shopping done, but all the presents are remaining hidden since the little one would tear into them.
   I have been busy writing as well.  I finished the fifth book in my science fiction series and submitted it to my publisher. Depending on how busy they are I will hear back from them in the next week or so.
  While I am waiting to hear from them I have started a new series.  Another genre that I have always enjoyed is paranormal.  I have started a shifter series that I am really enjoying writing. I found a few pictures that were my inspiration for the characters.

I love the eyes in this cougar. The Hero in this book is a cougar shifter, Michael.

 The villain is Lucas. I am hoping I have made him live up to this picture.
   Hopefully soon I will be announcing a release date for this new book adventure.

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