Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For my part in the blog hop here are the questions asked of me by Suzy.


I was born in a suburb of Chicago, but I lived in many states before settling in rural Missouri.

I wrote my first story in elementary school. The first time, the assignment was to write at least two sentences for the four pictures the teacher us. My imagination ignited, and I wrote pages instead of just a few sentences.  I still remember the teacher pulling me aside after class and telling me how impressed she was with the story I wrote.

I met my husband in Colorado Springs when he was stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. We had only been dating a short time before we were inseparable. Mutual friends started making bets about when we would marry. To thwart their bets, we picked a day no one had bet on. We have been happily married for over 20 years, so although we married on a bet, we both came out the winners.

I am now a stay at home mother to my 3 children. When I am not playing with my children, I can be found writing.

I write romance stories with happy endings. I love to writes a story with some suspense, but the hero arrives just in time.


Q What are you working on?  
A  I am working on edits for book two that is due out in mid-August and revising book 3 that I will turn into siren probably at the end of the month. If I get a bit of time I work on book 4.
Q How does your work differ from others in your genre?

A For publication I have only written science fiction.  I have in the past written a contemporary as well as some dark erotica.  I have always loved a good suspense story. I always make the Hero on the heroines side and I have to have a happily ever after. It messes with my heart too much to leave my characters unhappy.
Q Why do you write what you write?

 A  I have always been a science fiction nerd.  When I was contemplating writing Starlight I had started to wonder what would happen if Aliens came to the earth, but they could not allow humans to know they existed. Why would they come here? I had a couple of silly reasons that I figured out would not work as I tried to put together a plot before I settled on they were hunting someone else that committed some sort of crime against them. Then I had to make that crime bad enough to warrant being chased so far from home and have my aliens risk exposing themselves to humans. 
     When thinking about how they would hunt down their enemy I thought of my Hero noticing a human woman. He would fight that attraction at first, but what would happen if she accidently found out about them. He would no longer need to hide and he could take her with him.
      I started writing and within a couple of weeks I had my first draft of Starlight complete.

Q How does your writing process work?  I usually think about a story and plan it out while doing household chores. It is how I work out what will work and what won’t. I try to write down bits of my plans when they hit me. I am getting old enough, and I have enough kids to distract me that I forget if I do not write it down. Then when I get some time I start writing. I have a wonderful friend that is willing to read through my first draft that has very little revising to it. She will give me suggestions and from there I start revising. Then I send it on to another friend for a thorough beta reading.  After more revising she will look at it again to see if we missed any plot holes before I send it in to Siren.

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